I have over 20 years' experience of working as an educational psychologist in local authority services and in private practice. I undertake the full range of assessment, consultation and advice services that are core parts of the role with children, young people and adults. This includes
  • assessments of learning, including identifying barriers to progress and potential for change. Provision of advice to teachers and parents to support and increase a child's progress.
  • assessment of literacy skills and provision of advice to increase the rate of reading progress.
  • identification of, and advice around, dyslexia and specific literacy difficulties.
  • assessment of social/emotional and behavioural difficulties, including analysis of friendships and relationships with peers and adults.
  • clarifying children's views and helping to hear their 'voice', particularly where there is reluctance to engage with professionals.
  • advising parents and professionals about social and environmental factors that may be causing difficulties with learning or behaviour.
  • individual 'therapeutic' work with a child or young person aimed at encouraging the development of self-awareness and greater self-control in areas such as Anger Management.
In addition to work focused on the needs of individual children and young people I can provide
  • training presentations and workshops for parents, schools and other organisations on a range of issues connected with special educational needs and disabilities and other areas of applied psychology. I have considerable experience in delivering behaviour management training and interactive workshops to a wide variety of audiences that have included parents, teachers, teaching assistants, social workers, teacher advisors, foster carers, CAMHS staff, youth workers, community nurses, preschool/nursery staff and voluntary sector managers and their staff.
  • training for professionals working with children and young people on the use of Personal Construct Psychology and Dynamic Assessment.
  • consultation and supervision for teachers, teaching support staff and other professional groups.
  • research aimed at illuminating systemic issues such as improving whole-school approaches, surveying the views of clients or stakeholders, evaluating the impact of change and monitoring the effectiveness of interventions.